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Since 2009 we are recovering data from our highly equipped Data Recovery lab in Dubai.

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Welcome to ITNerds4U Advanced Data Recovery Services.

ITNerds4U is the Dubai based data recovery service company, for hard drive recovery, RAID server recovery, backup tape recovery & external hard disk data recovery. ITNerds4U offers years of combined experience in advanced data recovery techniques & disk engineering technology, to businesses, institutes, government agencies and individuals across UAE.

Data Recovery

We provide data recovery from all types of storage media and operating systems. With more than 12 years technical expertise, you’re talking to the experts in data recovery.

  • Providing professional
  • any storage media
  • any operating system
  • 24×7 data recovery solutions

RAID Data Recovery

We provide complete data recovery service for any type of RAID array failure. Advanced RAID recovery for RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 5 RAID 10 RAID 50 and many other configuration of RAID systems. We can perform RAID recovery from damaged, initialised, corrupt, rebuilt RAID servers and many other types of critical failures.

Hard Disk Recovery

We provide full data recovery service for all makes of hard disk drive and system configurations, including laptop drive, desktop drive, external drive and removable media. We can perform hard drive recovery from any type of failure including crashed, damaged, corrupted, deleted, formatted and many more complex failures.

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Hard Disk Data Recovery Dubai

Our expertise in Repairing hard disk drives for the data recovery purpose, even cases when other I. T. Technicians or data recovery companies have been unsuccessful.

External Hard Disk Recovery

It could be the dawning realization you can’t read the external hard drive you’ve been archiving your family pictures and work data on for many years.

Laptop Data Recovery

Our laptop data recovery specialists are experts, with the necessary tools and proven in-depth knowledge of hard drive technologies to ensure your data is recovered successfully.

Server Data Recovery

ITNerds4U engineers are the best in the industry at dealing with logical and physical data loss. They routinely recover databases, ERP/accounting systems, mail servers and other mission-critical data for organizations of all sizes.

Corrupt Hard Disk Data Recovery

Data recovery services that help you in recovering or salvaging the lost or corrupt critical data.

Fast & Secure

We offer the fastest, reliable, most convenient and inexpensive data recovery solutions to clients who have experienced data loss. We specialize in: Raid Recovery, Hard Drive Data Recovery, Mac Data Recovery and SSD Data Recovery Services.

Availability 24/7

Need help? Our data recovery technicians are available 365/24/7 to assist you to start your Data Recovery Process.

Recovery success

Our certified recovery experts recovering data from simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations – including viruses, accidental deletion, system crashes, corruption, hardware failure, physical damage and more.

Featured Data Recovery Cases

Everyday we at ITNerds4U receive a number of data recovery cases. Some of them, with the right equipment’s and experience, will be easy enough to recover the data. However, some cases which proves to be tricky for even the most experienced data recovery engineer.

A Leader In The Industry

We specialize in data recovery services and have years of experience in the field. We have the highest success rate in the industry. Our facilities host a clean room to facilitate data recovery from physically damaged hard disk drive. Our Data Recovery experts have the capabilities to recover data from all types of media and Operating Systems. Not only do we provide our expertise in data recovery field, we also strive to give you the lowest possible price for our services.

Data Recovery Process

We at ITNerds4U Data Recovery understands that our clients like to understand how data recovery process takes place. We divided the whole process to five simple steps, that are detailed below.

1. Case Submission and Media Delivery

After you call us @ +971-52-7862452 and let us know that you lost data and need our data recovery service, you must send us your media or feel free to visit us and deliver your media personally. At that moment we need to gather as much information about your media and data loss circumstances that would help us to recover your data faster.

2. Media diagnosis

As soon as we have your media, our experts determine it’s efficiency, possible data recovery time and effectiveness of data recovery. The diagnostics results send you via email or you are phoned. At that moment estimated costs are known.

3. Repair and recovery process

In order to recover your data, media fix may take place if it’s malfunction does not allow to get access to data. It may take some while we may need to collect proper spare parts. Next, we run main data recovery process. At this moment we do all that we can to run the data recovery process in the most detailed way and use all methods to recover your data.

4. Data verification

After data recovery process is done, you are sent a list of files with their properties and samples that you could verify if recovered data is the data you required.

5. Data transfer and payment

After you verify our recovery report we transfer your data to you. It may be sent on CD or DVD media (when the amount of recovered data is not more then 8 GB), external hard drives (when the amount of recovered data is bigger then 8 GB) or even by mail or FTP service, if you wished to get just a few files. You are also charged at that moment in the way we had agreed.

1000+ Satisfied Customers

“ITNerds4U managed to save all of my data and put it on a new hard drive for me. They were so brilliant. Quick and professional and very lovely service. I would always use them to fix or save my electronics, Thank you! From, Mimi”

Amelia labouchere

“These guys saved my life, obviously by recovering my macbook data. Professional service. Above all the rates were the cheapest from the rest of the market and work was professional. Good work!!.”

Ubaid Tariq


The smile on clients face, in the end, is no less than a Price but to run a successful business we charge competitive prices as below.

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